Mallala Primary SchoolMallala Primary School

Governing Council

This consists of parent elected members, the Principal, a staff representative and a representative from Preschool and Playgroup. The Governing Council exercises general oversight of the well-being of the school and advises the Principal concerning the general and educational policy within the school. Meetings are held on Tuesday of weeks 3 and 8 each term. The Governing Council also has a firm commitment each year to fundraise and calls upon the parents for their help and support.


Member Role
Lisa Curnow Parent Rep
Jan Jacobson Playgroup Rep
Karen Jamieson Preschool Rep
Helen Lindstrom Staff Rep
Shauna McClean Parent Rep
Steven Page Treasurer
Linda Schutt Parent Club Rep
Daryl Standley Chairperson
Bec Stodart Parent Rep
Alec Tibbitts Principal
Jayne Tiller Parent Rep
Karin Tiller Parent Rep
Sharna Wildbore Parent Rep


Department for Education and Child Development